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Friday Favorites 1.2

More on Spring decorating…
with some great prints for framing. These would look great to freshen up your decor for spring and summer. The bright colours, botanical motifs,  and lush greens help bring the outdoors in, which is an ongoing trend in interior design, that will only get bigger.

images from
1. swallowtail nest,
2. pastel […]

Easter Eggs

To get in the spirit of Easter I decided to make some Easter eggs! I am in dire need of spring, I am wringing my hands waiting to implement the garden ideas I’ve been dreaming up all Winter. So with my newfound free time I took the time to cut out images from old gardening magazines,  choosing […]


It’s the first day of Spring! You’d never know it by looking outside but the tulips in my house suggest otherwise.

Happy first day of Spring!

Spring Wreath

Daylight savings time..means it’s almost spring! So time to take down the tired winter decor and freshen up the exterior…unfortunately there’s still lots of snow on the ground hindering the feeling of spring. To get myself in the spirit I decided to make a  simple spring wreath with some stuff I had lying around. To […]

Friday Favorites 1. 1

Easter Decorating

Nothing’s cuter than a bunny!
1,2,4 and 5 are all from the easter collection at
3 – rabbit forestry hook from
6 – a botanical print of one of my favorite spring flower, lily of the valley from
7 – from Peter Rabbit tales, from
Have a good weekend!

PomPom Crafting

Who doesn’t love pompoms?! This is a little Easter gift for my ‘niece’, I hope she loves pompoms as much as I do.

Any other pompom crafting ideas?

Tapis Vert

Creating a tapis vert is one of my favorite uses of grass and ground covers. Gone are the days of expanses of lawn, which requires so much upkeep and chemicals to maintain looking its best. A ‘tapis vert’, or ‘green carpet’ is basically using grass or other ground covers to ground the space (much […]

Elm Creek Renovation/Restoration

These are some of the construction/demolition pictures I promised from last spring. A lot has happened in a year, especially when we were only able to work on it on the weekends.
It’s hard to see from these terrible pictures but the trimwork and details in the space were amazing and all of the new […]

Loving Right Now…Green

My latest obsession is green! It must be a side effect of missing spring during a looong winter!

engulfing or inspiring?



Who doesn’t associate a conservatory with “green”.

lush vine covered walls

Happy Tuesday!

pictures via,,, (pinterest), (pinterest),,,

Designer Spotlight… Amy Merrick

These flowers are beautifully styled by Amy Merrick, a Brooklyn based florist. I came across this amazing website while searching for inspiration, I’m so tired of the same old flowers! I love her use of casual flowers found in nature to create wild, yet elegant floral arrangements. These pictures are from her beautiful portfolio.

Her […]