Monthly Archives: April 2013

New Logo ??

I’m trying to design a new visual for my logo… a lot harder than I thought. I’ve found that designing for a client is much easier than to design for myself. There is never a finished project.. I am constantly thinking about it, reinventing past ideas into new ideas, I’m never satisfied for very […]

Authentic Exterior Design

Creating a well-designed house that looks and feels appropriate, isn’t a matter of adding shutters and trim or Victorian details to an Arts and Crafts style home. For your home to be successful both on paper and on site requires an understanding of architectural principles and styles. It is the difference between your house […]

Top Flowering Shrubs

These are some of my favorite flowering shrubs, or shrubs I can’t wait to plant this year. I love the idea of having a garden full of flowers with none of the maintenance so it’s important, if you want a garden full of flowers all summer long, to plant shrubs that will flower at […]

Elm Creek Renovation/ Restoration

Here are some recent pictures of what we’ve been up to the past month in Elm Creek.
Tiling in the upstairs bathroom is finally finished. It looks bright, clean and airy, after adding the mirror it will reflect even more light into the space and make the small bathroom feel much bigger. The new layout […]

Front Porch

I did a front porch update for a client a few years ago, we chose new exterior colours, columns, windows, doors and lighting but she was stuck on what to do with her giant lackluster concrete stairs leading up to her front entry. What a waste of space!
So I came up with a plan […]


Just got home from a great week long trip to Runaway Bay, Jamaica. I never thought I’d go to a hot destination in Spring but Winter seems to be here to stay for now. So I booked a trip to leave dreary Manitoba behind, and onward to clear blue skies and hot tropical sun.

The […]


I hope everyone had a ‘good friday’ and a great Easter weekend! I thought I would sum up the weekend with one of my favorite Easter treats.. mini eggs, such a pretty mix of pastels!

Have a great Easter Monday with peeps, mini eggs and chocolate bunnies!