Monthly Archives: January 2014

All about Scale

A huge trend I’ve noticed for 2013 and onward is graphic, oversized wall murals.
Black Crowe Studio does this incredibly well! Their murals can be used in both wall and ceiling applications.
Full customization is available in terms of colours to match a paint colour or furniture swatch, as well as size to work with your existing […]

$10 Design Questions

My idea for the $10 design questions is to give an affordable option for design help. I have had so many small questions over the past year, about paint, tile, furniture, window coverings, pillows, bedding, rugs, styling… the list is endless.
So if you have a question, or are waivering over a design decision and […]

We got a house!!

After a long search for the perfect house we finally found one!! The house is amazing, the yard is amazing, I am just in love with the potential of this house…. so many ideas!
We move in next month and there is a long list of renovations to do to bring out the […]

Katie Stratton

Because of my recent good news… I have a new house! I am on the lookout for great pieces of art for my new space!
I fell in love with Katie Stratton’s artwork… so me.
I am already looking to buy a few,
peony study 1
and the petal study 1

I also have her seascape stretched canvas […]

Traditional Luxe e-design

For this client all she needed from me was a new furniture layout, and design scheme for her main living room. She had aleady chosen two chairs in a nice jacobean fabric along with 2 leather sofas. My client was worried it wouldn’t all fit nicely in the space, and wanted to make sure […]

Top Trends of 2014

The trends for this year are very “Parisian Chic”…lots of architectural detailing with white, or black walls, and subtle hints of pastel colour along with luxe metals like copper and ‘gold modern’ or ‘gold vintage’ details.

As I already mentioned in my previous post, pastel colours were one of the top trends of 2013 […]

Friday Favorites: Pretty in Pink

Pastels are hot this season and pink is my ultimate favourite.

There are many ways to infuse pink in your life. These are some of the ways I hope to do that…
Through smaller details like dessert plates or glasses, or even travelling to the beautiful Amalfi Coast in Italy, which I am planning for early this Spring.(I’ll […]