Monthly Archives: February 2015


A photography/print series I’m working on. It all started with needing some art for the big blank wall in our bathroom…


Still So Much To Do…

I’ve finally hung my Ashley Woodson Bailey print in a temporary frame from Ikea. (I’ll get it professionally framed at some point.)
Still need the Carrara Marble top and these sconces from Black Rooster Decor which have been backordered again!

These sconces are going in the dining room as well.

I am also thinking for in here, […]

The Power of Symmetry Cont…

Symmetry on a smaller scale doesn’t feel quite as intimidating or austere. It is a vital design principle in interior design.
In my own house, it had the potential for a nice space with the two windows, but the squeezed rectangle shape so high on the wall did nothing but make for a useless wall, […]

The Power Of Symmetry

Symmetry is the most basic of design principles but is extraordinarily the most powerful!
Out of these two houses, which one appears visually stronger…and then an entirely different question which family would you prefer to meet?
The more symmetrical house while it is impeccable in it’s symmetry, is it also this symmetry that makes it feel […]