container gardening

We have lights!

Anyone who has ever undertaken an extensive renovation will know that once you have lights and working outlets it is a huge step forward!!
With the drywall now finished and painting finished we had our electrical  somewhat wrapped up. It feels amazing to be that much closer to being ready to move in!


On another note,

I […]

Foundational Landscape Design

Green and white are classic landscaping combinations that create a great foundation. This design is super simple and low maintenance, lush and green and because of the site, creates privacy and curb appeal.
Using green and white as a foundation allows you to add pops of colour in container plantings, to enhance the front door, […]

Window Boxes

I love window boxes, they add character to a new home and interest all year long…filled with flowers in summer, ornamental cabbage and pumpkins in fall, and lights,twigs and pine branches in winter. It adds history and texture to the exterior and if you love flowers like I do, it’s just more square footage […]