Contemporary cottage

The before of this particular project was sad and tired but there was definitely some potential. The worst house on a nice street.

I imagined the house as a cute white cottage with character and charm.. or at least as much character and charm as the budget would allow.

The first step was adding balance to […]

247- 4th St Renovation

This house needed a lot of work, but now is the perfect family home!
We adding cedar shakes and a new large window, garage doors, lighting, landscaping and a new driveway outside.
New drywall, paint, hardwood, kitchen, interior doors, as well we added a bedroom and bathroom upstairs, as well as a large mudroom inside. It’s […]

The Power of Symmetry Cont…

Symmetry on a smaller scale doesn’t feel quite as intimidating or austere. It is a vital design principle in interior design.
In my own house, it had the potential for a nice space with the two windows, but the squeezed rectangle shape so high on the wall did nothing but make for a useless wall, […]

House Update

It’s starting to feel like Christmas!
 We’ve been busy with finishing details around the house, trim, curtains, tiling, to try and get the house liveable so we can finally move in! Oh and we also got a fresh tree for Chrismas!!  The tree fills a big void in the living helping the space feel more […]


This week we started tiling!
My initial inspiration for the bathroom was this design by Kelly Wearstler. I’m really into the hollywood regency look lately!

Well due to my dad’s lack of patience and the fact that the marble tile was a little fragile, we didn’t end up doing the design I initially wanted but we came up […]


This week we went to a few warehouses and tile showrooms around the city to try and find a countertop that would work in the kitchen. I went into the first few warehouses with an open mind….

I thought this granite would be interesting with a waterfall countertop, for a potential client maybe, but I don’t think I […]

Refinishing the floors continued…

As you know I’ve been on the search for the perfect stain, or polyurethane for the floors. I vetoed dark stain because it was a bit scary to do as a DIY and with the floors so light and bright after sanding I just couldn’t cover them up with a dark stain. So I […]

Refinishing the Floors

As I’m sure you’ve seen in previous photos the hardwood was in need of some repair, and refinishing. Because we removed some awful carpetting and the hardwood from the bathroom… yes bathroom, the oak floors didn’t have matching finishes throughout the house. Not to mention the drywall mud, dust, and paint that covered the […]

We have lights!

Anyone who has ever undertaken an extensive renovation will know that once you have lights and working outlets it is a huge step forward!!
With the drywall now finished and painting finished we had our electrical  somewhat wrapped up. It feels amazing to be that much closer to being ready to move in!


On another note,

I […]

Drywall is done!

It feels so nice to have covered up the old and in with the new, light and bright drywall, with it all finished it’s now time to paint!

The back entry feels so open now, with the removal of the old stair railing and two doorways- with doors! Now it all blends into one space. […]