It feels so nice to have covered up the old and in with the new, light and bright drywall, with it all finished it’s now time to paint!

drywall finished
The back entry feels so open now, with the removal of the old stair railing and two doorways- with doors! Now it all blends into one space. Feeling so much larger, and with the ancient electrical panel removed, it’s so nice and clean.

drywall finished2
The fridge built in looks great with drywall, the proportions of a 2″ wall versus a skinny fridge panel looks so much better and permanent.
Closing off the hallway and adding a pantry in this corner makes so much more sense, now we are utilizing every square inch of the space.

drywall finished3

drywall finished4
The bathroom is so nice and light, and feels like it’s tripled in size. I can’t wait for paint and tile in here!!

drywall finished5
The exterior with the clean, white painted doors simplifies the exterior a bit, with my gold door knocker and lockset with black moroccan style lighting with a hint of gold detailing coming in any day now the curb appeal will look so much better!

drywall finished6

Any progress is good progress!!