It’s starting to feel like Christmas!

 We’ve been busy with finishing details around the house, trim, curtains, tiling, to try and get the house liveable so we can finally move in! Oh and we also got a fresh tree for Chrismas!!  The tree fills a big void in the living helping the space feel more finished!

christmas living room

Tiling in the bathroom is done so we started on the fireplace. I love it!! The console in the living room on the adjacent wall will have a marble top to help tie everything together.

diing room

Yes that’s a couch in the dining room, but I love it!! The couch juxtaposed with the hard lines of the kitchen and dining room chairs adds an interesting material and textural contrast that I think really works! Still need countertops before we can move in though.

closet shelves

My fiance has turned out to be quite a handyman finishing up the baseboards, trim and these beautiful cedar shelves in the linen closet and pantries in the kitchen. This will eventually have a door but I’m liking it open for now.

living room

The fireplace is a huge void right now, not that I would ever tire of enjoying my handiwork but it definitely needs something. For Christmas I added some twinkle lights but I’m thinking more along the lines of this in the winter,

lots of candles

Tons and tons of candles, filling the whole space. And in Spring and summer filling the fireplace with plants. Like in this image below from Joie Clothing. 

fireplace with flowersCan’t wait to try them both!