That time of year is starting, consultations for landscape design while there is still snow on the ground! It is impossible to get inspired while I look out at the recent dumping of snow but thank goodness for Pinterest.

I recently started a plan for an acreage outside of Carman and because of the site, in the middle of a field surrounded by birch trees, I felt the garden design should strongly reflect the surroundings.
Currently, the house feels like it was just plopped in the middle of the yard. It is my job to integrate it into the landscape.

I’m leaning towards low maintenance, colour throughout the seasons but restraint in the colours used.

I want to blend and blur textures and colours, blue diffusing to purple, purple to pink, pink to white.

naturalized 1

naturalized 15
Stronger flowering colours and forms will be used right up next to the house, that will diffuse in colour and texture into the surrounding birch forest.

naturalized 12

 I don’t want it to look or feel overly planned…. just a little better than natural.

naturalized 13

 Meandering pathways through the birch forest, towards the pond at the back of the acreage will not only add square footage to the usable space within the yard, but clearing out an organically round clearing  would be the perfect space for a firepit or seating area. With swathes of “walkers low” catmint and sage planted throughout for mosquito repellent.

I hope to add slight hills and valleys to provide interest within the birch “islands” scattered throughout the lawn. This will help create a more fluid looking perennial garden.

I find it looks so unnatural when only planted according to whether it is classified as a background plant, border plant, etc.

Doing something simple like this will also slow down the spread of the perennial and provide a barrier when mowing.

naturalized 14


The worst mistake a gardener can make in a naturalized perennial garden is to overly simplify the layout of the perennials.

Straight lines are not found in nature!

Or expect it to look perfect the first year. A naturalized  garden requires time for self seeding! But the look when it’s done should be packed full of plantings. You should not be able to till between plants if it’s planted properly!

naturalized 6
I want to implement underplantings of soft perennials natural looking to the Prairies but not necessarily genuine Prairie plantings that will add a bit of colour and interest within the birch forest. Such as,



“Becky”shasta daisies

“Snow Drop” Anenomes and


All self seeding perennials that can be added/ divided over the years. A gorgeous display of colour and texture in an otherwise monotonous forest, that will look and be completely effortless.

The true beauty in a garden like this lies in its contrasts- verdant lawn against airy meadow, richly coloured perennials juxtaposed with pale grasses, formal clipped hedges that create direction,  focus where you need it as well as winter interest, alongside softening perennials. Low maintenance and environmentally friendly.

You can’t go wrong if you let the site/context of your garden lead the design!

Contact me if you want to start the amazing process of planning your garden alongside a professional!