My client sent me this photo of her garden in the morning light a month after planting.


The garden is intended to evoke the french chateau feeling of the house. Everything chosen is drought tolerant and can be easily managed but will never look lackluster.
Russian Olive trees, pygmy pea shrubs enmass, Walker’s low Catmint, and Russian Sage are used throughout, along with New Dawn roses, Cedar and Engelmann ivy to tie in the house with the garden. Festiva Maxima and Sarah Bernhardt Peonies are used to add soft colour when in bloom and a deep green lushness and larger leaf texture when the bloom is finished.

As the garden fills out the intention is to not see the dirt at all, with the pygmy peashrub acting as the foundation, trimmed into clouds, the russian sage with its contrasting soft verticality and catmint further softening the walkway and creating a transition to the grass all the while keeping mosquitoes away.

landscape plan


live and lavender

pygmy caragana

russian olive and russian sage


This season we will be focusing on the large willow tree plantings to line the driveway and back patio. Willows will add another texture and a gorgeous romantic form that will tie in beautifully with the front garden.



Stay tuned for more posts of my favorite garden to date!