Creating a well-designed house that looks and feels appropriate, isn’t a matter of adding shutters and trim or Victorian details to an Arts and Crafts style home. For your home to be successful both on paper and on site requires an understanding of architectural principles and styles. It is the difference between your house looking well-executed or just wrong… a huge problem in today’s construction-grade homes.

If you learn one thing from this post, it is to…

Always think about the details.

Most wouldn’t think that the size of a window, or detail of a glazing bar could make a difference in the whole architectural appropriateness. But it does. It is the approach to details that makes something authentic,

everything should be done with intention.

Authenticity is about having a true understanding of details and what it means for the big picture.

windows and doors

windows and doors2

windows and doors3

windows and doors4

windows and doors5

With the original siding and cedar shakes the eyes are drawn equally to both sides of the house because of textural changes and windows, this creates a visual balance.
The second option, original siding with cedar shakes, there is still a strong horizontality but it is broken up with cedar shakes, creating a textural focal point- the eye is drawn there first, then to the rest of the house.
By changing the entire exterior to cedar shakes it creates a soft, organic feeling drawing attention to windows and doors which are now proportionate- letting the right proportions take over and give the illusion the the whole house is balanced.

Any of these options would work, its all about the details that change a lackluster bi-level bungalow into a nice house. Why is it a nice house… because it’s proportions feel balanced and calm, and its overall details were done with intention.. the intention to balance the proportions of the house while staying with the Arts and Crafts style of details.

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