I’ve finished a beautiful European inspired custom home  for a family friend of mine. It was such a great process… I learned a lot, and trying to fit everything they wanted into 1700 sq ft was quite a challenge, but I’m very happy with the end result. The site is on 2 acres with thick bush behind so windows at the back of the house was crucial for great views. (click on images for a closer view) FINISHED PLANS FINISHED PLANS2 I’ve included my electrical layout plan, just to show how important in this process it is to think about not only the overall floor plan but furniture and lighting placement as well. This is when a designer is crucial, a great floor plan becomes that much better when everything works together. FINISHED PLANS3 Our plan for the front facade was to plant tall skinny cedars to mimic italian cypress trees, lots of willows on the property along with vines and roses around the house. I wanted to add age and character to the new build house. FINISHED PLANS4 FINISHED PLANS5

Unfortunately, a few weeks after the plan was finalized, problems arose with budgeting of labour, etc. and it proved easier and more affordable for them to buy a house in town. Both my clients and I are very disappointed we couldn’t experience the house built! But my client is holding on to the plan for the future…
*fingers crossed*