To get in the spirit of Easter I decided to make some Easter eggs! I am in dire need of spring, I am wringing my hands waiting to implement the garden ideas I’ve been dreaming up all Winter. So with my newfound free time I took the time to cut out images from old gardening magazines,  choosing  images that spoke “Spring” to me… lush peonies, hellebores, pretty blossoms and lilies, obviously not as good as the real thing but it’ll do for now.

After cutting out a variety of flowers,  I bought some eggs, white and brown for a natural spring look.
easter eggs post
Materials needed are magazine cuttings, mod podge (or a mixture of glue and water as thick or as thin as you’d like), a bowl, a paintbrush and of course eggs.
easter eggs post2
I painted on the flower images with the glue mixture and set them in the egg carton to dry, once dry I painted another image onto the other side.
easter eggs post3
The result is simply pretty, they don’t look perfect, I had some creases, but I think the end result is pretty cute.

I also wanted to try a really simple egg project using stickers, for those people that don’t want to spend an hour decoupaging eggs.
easter eggs post4
I bought these stickers from Michael’s a few years ago and figured I should finally use them.
easter eggs post5
The end result is cute. The stickers were hard to stick at times because of the irregular shape of the egg, but if you are short on time and want a project to do with kids this would work well I think.

How do you decorate eggs for Easter.. I’d love to try out some new ideas!

Have a good wednesday!