Here are some recent pictures of what we’ve been up to the past month in Elm Creek.

Tiling in the upstairs bathroom is finally finished. It looks bright, clean and airy, after adding the mirror it will reflect even more light into the space and make the small bathroom feel much bigger. The new layout and finishes has really taken this extremely tiny feeling bathroom to a perfectly functioning size. A pedestal sink will also help add circulation square footage. updates

We painted all the trim in the bedrooms (had to paint because they used an oil based paint originally which was impossible to remove). The walls in the whole upstairs apartment are a warm grey almost mauve colour, with a lighter tint of that for ceiling and trim, which makes for a subtle contrast. updates2

Window trim and casings are going up this week which will make a huge difference, trim around the windows and inside casings will be painted same colour as the wall. I didn’t want a “frame” effect around the windows, just a dimensional transition. updates3

This will help the bold wood trim around doors, and openings that we are staining a dark black- brown to really pop! The floor and baseboards will also be stained in the same colour so it will really help to ground the space. The obvious choice for most would be to stain the window trims in the same colour but I thought it appeared too visually heavy for the small space, rather than warm and airy.  updates4

The sanding of the intricate trim took forever, but this is the type of restoration work you have to take on in a project like this. They were too beautiful to rip off and this fir trim is hard to find, not to mention extraordinarily expensive  to replace. The wood is beautiful, and once it’s stained it will be a great focal point in the room. updates5

Downstairs bathroom is almost finished as well, the highlight in this room is the door which I haven’t shown in the picture because we’ve taken it off for sanding and staining, but the lead glass is beautiful. So all the details in this space are calm and mostly white, so the door and an amazing mirror I found can be the focal point of the space.


Great doors with great windows, we adding a trough ceiling around the windows, because we dropped the ceiling 2 feet to hide hvac and insulate between the floors and we wanted to keep the full height of the windows. As you can see from the picture we had to rip up some of the flooring from downstairs to fix some boards upstairs, but we are planning on replacing the flooring downstairs anyways because it was in pretty bad shape, I would have loved to keep it, but it was not an option.


I plan on adding large sills out of the same material as the kitchen countertops- granite or acrylic. updates8

Lighting is up everywhere, they’ve been up for a week and already covered in a thick layer of sawdust. These two pendants are over the kitchen island that will be going in within the next month, quite a bit to do before then. updates9

But that’s where we are at now, lots of work to do but it’s nice to see some progress. I can’t wait to show more!

I’d love to know what people think!