These are some of the construction/demolition pictures I promised from last spring. A lot has happened in a year, especially when we were only able to work on it on the weekends.
It’s hard to see from these terrible pictures but the trimwork and details in the space were amazing and all of the new construction was done in the best way to preserve as much of it as we could while keeping the interiors modern.

construction pics

Every wall and ceiling was opened up and reinsulated, and drywalled, balancing a brand new house with 1910 impeccable construction methods.

construction pics2

Ripped out all the carpeting and discovered hardwood floors.

construction pics3

The floors upstairs are in great shape, they just need a sanding and a dark stain.

construction pics4

construction pics5

This desk was ripped out and given away.

construction pics6

This wall was moved to create a bathroom in the center of the first floor layout, thoughtfully planned so we were still able to keep the amazing doorways and trim.

construction pics7

construction pics8

the old kitchen and bath.

construction pics9

More photos from spring 2013 will be posted soon!