where will this year take you

A new year means new resolutions…or the same ones from the year before that I never “accomplished”. I’m not fond of resolutions, a whole year is far too long to make a blanket statement. But, I’m hoping this year will be different, there’s a lot I want to accomplish and the year is off to a good start with a new website and blog, my job of ten years is almost over! and now I have nothing holding me back from starting my own business and being creative 100% of the time!

I can’t wait to fill my time with DIYs (that I’ll post here) and my passion… designing. Oh and travelling! Immediately after high school I went to university for 6 years! and never had a chance to travel the world I’m hoping this year will be the year! So 2013 brings…. travel, designing, blogging, buying my first house?, starting my own business… and eating right, exercise, blah blah same old things… too much??

There is a freedom in the thought that I have a whole year ahead of me, endless possibilities! I have no clue where I’ll be at the end of 2013!

Happy New Year!

(photo via my instagram)