Just got home from a great week long trip to Runaway Bay, Jamaica. I never thought I’d go to a hot destination in Spring but Winter seems to be here to stay for now. So I booked a trip to leave dreary Manitoba behind, and onward to clear blue skies and hot tropical sun.


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The resort was very lush and green which was a great surprise, I was expecting only sand and water, but there was grass and beautiful landscaping all around the resort. jamaica pics5

Inspiring  textures and  soothing colours. 6,16,22

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I spy… hermit crabs everywhere! So cute! I found myself on the lookout for them the whole trip! It’s amazing how they blend in with the colour and texture of the site.
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The view was beautiful! Crystal clear, nothing to see for miles… except for the occasional cruise or cargo ship. jamaica pics15

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The water was so clear and blue, hard to capture in a picture.
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Saw lots of sea urchins while snorkelling (free)  the reef at the resort.
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A tropical example of an allee (not a mispelling) used throughout the resort to create a strong sense of direction, while relating to the human scale.
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Sunsets were so beautiful! jamaica pics24

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It was truly an unforgettable trip! Can’t wait to go back! I would highly recommend the resort, Royal Bahia Principe.  It was very large but so was the beach and pool and multitude of paths around the property, there was even a shopping area on the resort. We went on two great excursions, to Dunn’s River Falls where you climb up a waterfall and to the luminous lagoon, which was an experience I’ll never forget! So amazing but unfortunately photography doesn’t work, so don’t bother bringing your camera, it’s futile. Some more tips if you wish to travel here…

Bartering is customary and everyone works on their own, selling shells, crafts…weed on the side because they’re primary jobs at only .65cents an hour doesn’t pay their bills. Therefore tipping is highly appreciated, and reciprocated with better service, more towels in the room and an extra bag of chips!

Remember to bring a large travel mug- because cups there are SMALL, and last about 2 mins (at an all-inclusive that is not ideal), as well as my own snacks for the beach ($8 for a bag of chips people!) and a lot more sunscreen. I can usually tan pretty well without burning but I burnt to some extent everyday even with spf 50 on! so find some chairs on the beach where you can go when the sun gets too hot. There’s no need to wake up early and save chairs- there’s enough to choose from unless you have a specific spot in mind, shade can be hard to come by at times.

The buffet there was a little disappointing, no pineapple or berries just melons…everyday. Don’t get me wrong there was a lot of selection for the buffet and some days it was great with lobster and sushi, etc. but by the end of the week I was tired of the buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You do have the option of 3 dinner reservations, the best  was Dan Pablo which was amazing! while the other restaurants were glorified buffet food.  But other than that the trip was amazing!  Overall, I would give it five stars ( I can be overly picky with  food).

I hope my review was helpful if anyone is thinking of going to Jamaica.