I’m working on a Midcentury Modern master bedroom/ensuite renovation. My client has a love for Midcentury design  which is evident in the rest of the house, but the bedroom has been overlooked until now. I am proposing a seamless blend of functions with luxurious materials all in a similar colour palette to the rest of the house. The look is clean and very Midcentury Modern but ties into contemporary design, avoiding a ‘time warp’ feeling.

A new powder room in place of the original walk-in closet, and where the new Ikea Pax wardrobes are now was a vanity and sink area, this area now acts as the new walk– in closet, the ensuite is larger and more open by removing a dresser built- in beside the bed (that felt cluttered and dated) to make a much larger shower area. Secret access points allows my client to use the powder room as an additional ensuite while creating a seamless look at first glance. A hidden closet behind a mirror allows for a nice sightline when walking by the bedroom when the door is open, while also adding much needed storage.

Symmetry, rhythm, proportions all tie into the overall feeling of luxury.



Lots of marble, a Midcentury Modern material, adds polish and luxury to the bathroom, with modern chrome faucets and lighting fixtures adding a hint of sparkle. The ceiling heights above the tub are 13’0″ so to accentuate this I’ve added a large pendant from anthropologie to draw the eye up, along with sconces on the wall with a downlight and uplight which adds a lightness to the wall, making the bathroom feel bigger while highlighting the tall ceilings, and creating flattering lighting when putting on makeup or shaving.


A simple tonal palette are of my client’s favorite colours.  Applied in interesting ways creates a soothing, yet not at all boring space. concept3A mix of expensive furnishings and materials used with more economical choices is an easy way to stay on budget but still have the overall look you desire. Ikea pendants at $20 each beside the bed, above more expensive tulip tables as end tables, or marble tiles with an Ikea Pax wardrobe. You don’t have to spend a lot of money and have everything custom to have a well designed space.