As you can see here my house was in dire need of an exterior renovation. First I redid the landscape so it balanced out the awkward proportions of my house,which is a bilevel that has a lot of square feet above ground, so the house is not only over 25ft tall but quite wide as well. As the garden grows the house will appear more balanced and integrated within the landscape.

summer 2012
The siding is composite and can’t be bought anywhere, so there is no replacing it. The options are limited, so for now we just painted it a bold blue but will eventually upgrade to a hardyboard with a wood grain in a similar but more subdued colour. I like the siding because of the scale (12 inches) which works with the large scale of the house- a skinny vinyl is not an option, hardyboard comes in 8 inches which is a happy compromise and I like the woodgrain.
fall 2011

winter 2012

The new lighting makes a big difference! We added 3 recessed ambient lights, 2 decorative hanging lanterns and 2 wall sconces framing the garage door. The house still needs a lot of work, new windows this spring…or summer, new front door and garage door but it has come a long way. Below is a quick photoshop rendering I did a few years ago of the initial proposed house colour, windows and door.

Now, I’ve decided to do a character wood door with side lights so there will be no reframing of the front door. An ellipse window above the front door will add interest to a blank spot on the house and provide extra light to the interior foyer. Wood garage doors will help tie in the cedar shakes used on the peaks on the north and south sides of the house, as well as correspond with the wood front door as well, but I’m not sure that’s in the budget. Using wood adds interest and brings out the depth of the blue siding while adding a focal point but can be pricey….
Only time will tell what our final design decisions will be… more posts to come soon!

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