So with the electrician starting in a few weeks it was important that I get a rough lighting/electrical plan ready. If you don’t have a plan it’s hard to get a true estimate as well you have the confidence that everything will be where you want it, and if it’s not… you have a plan as evidence of what you wanted. This also gets you and your electrician on the same page, the electrician doesn’t know what would function best for your family.

Electrical plans also get you thinking about how the whole space will work, with your furniture layouts, kitchen layout, your movement through the space (where light switches should be located) etc. That helps to make the whole space tie together and create a perfectly functioning space.

Below I have the main floor plan with dimensions and furniture layouts. The furniture layout should be done before the electrical plan…

house plans and electrical layout
I’ve left in the furniture plan to show how the lighting corresponds exactly to the furniture sizes and layout.

main floor electricalI’m changing the basement to have a 3 piece bathroom, nice size laundry, a large living room, with 2 added bedrooms. The top left bedroom will be used as an extension of the living room, hence the double glass doors, because we don’t need 4 bedrooms but it’s nice for resale to have the option.
house plans and electrical layout3In the corresponding electrical plan, because the ceilings are 7’9″, I’ve shown mostly recessed lighting and sconces to make the ceilings feel higher. I want to  make the space feel like an extension of the rest of the house as much as possible.
basement electricalIt’s so much easier to go through a renovation when everything is designed before you start meeting with trades. Having plans expresses to the plumber /HVAC, electricians where everything is going, walls, furniture etc. so they are on the same page as you, and you can answer any questions they have with knowledge and confidence.

Renovations are easier with a designer….

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