We’ve been busy these past few weeks… gutting the whole house to make way for all my new ideas for the space. This was quite a task due to the shiplap 1/2″ wood, 1/2″ concrete lath board, and a 1/2 layer of plaster, on both sides of interior walls. This all added up to a 6 inch wall. That took weeks to “disassemble”. But it will all be worth it once we start to put it all back together.

Here are some changes we’ve made to the house thus far…

gutting the houseRemoving the spanish style arch created a lot of additional height through this main transition wall and helps to modernize the space. A small change that makes a huge difference  allowing me to design more freely without being tied to a spanish aesthetic. It was a little too “Aladdin” for us.

gutting the house2Removing this wall and the back storage cabinet on the red wall, made the space feel so much more open, another small change that makes a huge difference!

gutting the house3Can’t wait to paint over these wall colours!

gutting the house4

gutting the house5The house was move- in ready but the house had so much potential, the kitchen was so small and closed off I just couldn’t imagine entertaining at all in the existing space.

gutting the house6But with the wall gone we can create a galley style kitchen that opens to the dining room, one large room that will function so much better.

gutting the house7

gutting the house8

We found some water damage on some exterior walls that will need to be fixed. But this wall will be changing a lot anyways. Adding new patio doors, 3 windows and a new header to make a larger opening in the back entry.

We gutted the basement because there was so many added rooms  that just didn’t make any sense. So we are starting completely from scratch down there.

gutting the house9
gutting the house10
gutting the house11…It always looks worse before it looks better.

Next up is  brand new plumbing/jackhammering, HVAC,  and then stud walls with the new electrical following shortly after. Lots to do to prepare for trades in the next week!!