As you know I’ve been on the search for the perfect stain, or polyurethane for the floors. I vetoed dark stain because it was a bit scary to do as a DIY and with the floors so light and bright after sanding I just couldn’t cover them up with a dark stain. So I opted for a clear, polyurethane instead.
What I’ve learned from this experience, don’t buy a polyurethane that is oil based if you are trying to avoid yellowing or orange dated floors, water based polyurethane is what you want.

From Janzen’s Paint and Decorating in Winkler I was able to find a contractor grade polyurethane used for gym floors. It was pricey but well worth it. The satin finish is perfect, not too shiny but not flat, and not too dark or orangey. After 3 coats, I really like the final outcome except due to the self-levelling qualities of this polyurethane, and an uneven old floor there are a few dark patches where the stain pooled so be wary of that if you are doing it yourself.


Not bad for a weekend DIY! What do you think?