As I’m sure you’ve seen in previous photos the hardwood was in need of some repair, and refinishing. Because we removed some awful carpetting and the hardwood from the bathroom… yes bathroom, the oak floors didn’t have matching finishes throughout the house. Not to mention the drywall mud, dust, and paint that covered the floor and extensive patching that had to be done throughout!

It was a fraction of the cost to get all new hardwood, which I would have loved to do… a gorgeous oak chevron.. I die! but no… have to stay on budget.. or close to and the detail in the oak floors is so nice that it would have been a shame to rip out and start over.

I rented a drum sander from Rite Way rentals and an edge sander for the weekend…. it only takes a weekend! And with much needed help from my dad , started sanding away, with a heavier grit of 30 then another pass at 60 and a final sand at 120. The floor wasn’t quite as smooth as we were hoping it would be so did a final sand with a drywall sander that left a baby bum smoothness.










I love how they look, I wish I could leave them like this. I either want a really dark, almost black stain, or just a clear light coating that doesn’t make the floor too shiny but brings out the richness in the wood, without feeling too orangey. This may take me awhile…