Creating a tapis vert is one of my favorite uses of grass and ground covers. Gone are the days of expanses of lawn, which requires so much upkeep and chemicals to maintain looking its best. A ‘tapis vert’, or ‘green carpet’ is basically using grass or other ground covers to ground the space (much like an interior rug does), to create a restful space to sit or play, to be used as a break amongst flowers and shrubs, and appears “framed” in stone or plants, it is a great way to tie all the details of a design concept together, whether it be through shape, location or materials. tapis vert

tapis vert3

Probably one of the most famous ‘green carpets’ located in the garden of Versailles.

tapis vert4

Examples of tapis vert being used in residential garden design.
tapis vert5

tapis vert6
Love this image because the tapis vert acts as a retreat from the rest of the yard with the surrounding plants acting as walls creating a sense of ‘space’and making it feel cozy, not expansive.

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