Symmetry is the most basic of design principles but is extraordinarily the most powerful!

Out of these two houses, which one appears visually stronger…and then an entirely different question which family would you prefer to meet?

The more symmetrical house while it is impeccable in it’s symmetry, is it also this symmetry that makes it feel austere and unapproachable? Is there an assumption out there that people who don’t own french chateaus can’t have a well designed space?


I will never understand this need to over complicate exteriors. All the strange jut outs, details. This lack of symmetry reflects into the finishing details, and then into the landscaping, compounding over and over until it’s an overdone mess of materials that lacks all architectural design integrity. Is it this lack of design comprehension that makes this house more approachable?

The beautiful french chateau has impeccable symmetry which is compounded/layered in with the landscaping, fence details, sconces, driveway all leading up to what the focal point is and always should be on a house… the front door! Everything becomes so much easier when you are working with symmetry and the more you add to it the stronger it becomes…It is very powerful! Which can be a bit scary for most because while symmetry is calming, it has a tendency to come off as austere or pretentious.

Interior symmetry also plays an important role in design. Think of if you were to walk through the door of each of these houses, the chateau would have views straight ahead directing the eye to a focal point- either a window or door which would then lead to more focalized symmetry in the backyard or a vignette with a mirror or sculpture, and a large chandelier would obviously accentuate this symmetry.

symmetry                                                                                                                                                                       via pinterest

The suburban house appears as though you would walk right into a living room with no direct symmetry because the front door is pushed right over to the left side of the house, how would a nice chandelier or focal point work here? Strange…or approachable?

Which house would you choose?