Green and white are classic landscaping combinations that create a great foundation. This design is super simple and low maintenance, lush and green and because of the site, creates privacy and curb appeal.

Using green and white as a foundation allows you to add pops of colour in container plantings, to enhance the front door, or along the walkway without it overwhelming the design and the smaller doses of colour you add, actually have a way larger impact then if done everywhere.


I’m proposing a simple planting of lots of lush green, and pops of white. The look isn’t overwhelming or overly designed and very low maintenance. Skybound cedars bring green up to the height of the house once full grown and kousa dogwoods or japanese tree lilacs create a canopy at human scale,  while groundcovers add texture and a nice transition to the grass. This creates a layered, natural effect to the front of the yard, while making the yard more private, yet still inviting.

The design highlights the front door while providing private spaces within the front yard as the garden starts to mature. Kousa Dogwood blooms in early summer, while hydrangeas will extend the blooming period from summer to fall. This ensures that there is always a focal point planting in summer, with evergreens providing interest and structure in winter,which is a season often overlooked in most gardens.