This project was all about creating privacy in a new suburban development without building a 10′ fence. I wanted it to look organic, yet formal- not overly designed, while creating a nice, private destination for the family. The plan was to introduce a rock patio on ground level to create more privacy as opposed to the deck which has sightlines to all the adjacent yards.

A step up onto the new patio was proposed to prevent the young boys from motorbiking around the house, this also creates a connection for all the ‘pieces’ in the yard: the deck transitions to the patio, which is a step up to the shop or a step down to the yard.

The yard was quite large but it was just lawn so I proposed creating a destination point using their existing planter boxes and creating a potager in that corner of the yard. A fruit tree allee ties the different areas of the yard together while creating privacy, and tying in their love for flowering trees and fruit.









Here is my initial proposal of what I would do with this yard to create a cozy and private space…

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I hope to post After pictures soon!