Some of the most common problems found in homes

awkward floor plans

out of date kitchens and bathrooms

problem windows

lack of space or storage

inadequate electrical/lighting options

low light/poor light

lack of or poor architectural details

a non-cohesive space-with different design schemes from room to room with no common design element

a break in the design from interior to exterior

What can a designer bring to a project?

Most will help you to lower cost of materials or help you to resolve the situation in a way that fits your budget but still looks great.

A designer will help you to organize and develop a solid plan of action that suits time constraints and budgets

A designer makes sure all aspects of a project work together to create a uniform, cohesive design throughout the whole house and exterior.

A designer can be your mediator between yourself and a contractor. They can be your voice and help answer all the little questions about details that will come up during the construction phase.

They offer many practical suggestions.

The ability to see and envision what you can’t with the coinciding ability to draw, computer render to help you visualize before you spend the money

A trained eye that knows when something is not right, even if you don’t

They provide the guidance, and confidence to help you make decisions and move forward in a project

A designer knows how to turn your desired lifestyle wish-list into a functional floor plan that is unique to your family’s needs

Can help you create memorable spaces for reselling your home, while helping your property to stand out and highlight positive features

You will make sound, informed decisions with a designer at your side. Saving you time, money and stress.

Hire a designer!